Kids and Pets Can Destroy Furniture, But You Can Stop Them! Here's How...

Top 10 Tips on Preserving Your Furniture from Kid and Pet Destruction:

  • Tip #1 - Put locked gates around your living room and dining room

  • Tip #2 - Wrap your kids entirely in bubble wrap, including all fingers and toes

  • Tip #3 - Cover your furniture with customized plastic slipcovers like grandma used to do (warning: sit up slowly, due to the effect of plastic sticking to your skin)

  • Tip #4 - Confine your children to their bedroom, bathroom and kitchen only (using yellow police tape is helpful if you choose this route)

  • Tip #5 - Place motion alarms around the rooms that hold your finest pieces of furniture, so an ear piercing noise occurs when small boys, girls, dogs or cats enter

  • Tip #6 - Store your favorite furniture in an off-site facility and just use hand me down or thrift store furniture until the kids or pets move out

  • Tip #7 - Only buy kids furniture for your home, which is made more durable to withstand the punishment of childhood energy, dog jowls, or cat claws

  • Tip #8 - Each time a child or pet does anything but sit on your good furnishings, spray them with a water gun (warning: this could begin a water fight)

  • Tip #9 - Buy a well behaved, older guard dog (perhaps of the rottweiler or pit bull variety) to protect your rooms filled with the more expensive pieces

  • Tip #10 - If you really want to keep your designer furniture looking new, don't have kids or pets!
  • Decorating Tips After Furniture Destruction

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