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Modern Furniture - How to Buy for Function and Style

by Shauna Zamarripa - January 2009
modern furniture

When it comes to all of the different types and styles of modern furniture, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right pieces. Here are some simple guidelines about how to choose modern furniture.

Color - The Living Room
The living room is typically the first room people want to update by adding modern furniture to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Finding the perfect modern furniture for your living room is going to greatly depend on your current color scheme. Take a paint swatch with you to the store to match up the paint on your walls with the color of a new modernized sofa, chairs, loveseat, end tables or cocktail table.

Functionality - The Dining Room
Most contemporary dining room sets will come in a mixture of glass and wood or glass and metal, creating a perfect flow in any room. However, with this beauty, sometimes functionality and comfort can be lost in the design. The best way to test out dining table is to sit at the table as you would during a meal, make sure the arm rests have good placement on the chairs, and that you could sit comfortably for an extended duration.

Solitude - The Bedroom
Bedrooms are often the easiest to update with modern day furniture to give the room some added flare. The key to choosing the perfect bedroom set for your bedroom is going to come right down to the headboard, as the headboard is the staple piece for the rest of the set to come together.

Ease of use - Bathroom
The bathroom is the second easiest room to place your new modern furniture choices. Most modern bathroom decor is built around making your life easier. Modern bathroom furniture comes equipped with multiple compartments and places for everything, for improved storage and ease of use. But before you pick out the piece with all of the whistles and bells, make sure you need that extra bathroom storage first, and don't spend more for space you'll waste.

Fun - The Bar
Having a bonus room, game room or media room can also mean having some great updated modern furniture for a bar set. There are multiple bar styles that have lights, or added gadgetry to make your bar fun and the talk of the town.

Modern furniture is very much like art, and is designed as tool for you to express your own unique tastes. When purchasing, make sure that your new modern furniture is as functional as it is beautiful and you'll make a great selection every time.

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