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Modern Furniture Home Decorating by Room

by Kelly Nevin - January 2009
modern furniture

Decorating a home with modern furniture is a popular way to utilize space by minimizing clutter, and also allowing for ultimate comfort. The use of modern furniture can also add a unique flair, and give a room a life of its own.

There are a few simple guidelines to follow when buying modern furniture:

  • Stick to neutral base colors such as beige, black or white for your walls and floor coverings, then accessorize with punches of bright color.

  • Focus on sleek lines and simple shapes of the modern furniture using materials such as wood, glass and metal.

  • Consider practical needs in addition to creative desires when selecting modern pieces, such as family size, comfort and usage.

    Home Decorating by Room
    Each room should have a personality of its own, yet remain cohesive with the rest of the home.

    Living Room
    The living room is one of the most important rooms of the house because it serves as the focal point. When buying modern furniture for the living room, consider low furniture arrangements, abstract lighting and minimal clutter. Bar stools at a counter can add a modern flair, and provide extra seating options.

    Bedrooms should sustain an feel of comfort, but also uphold a modern visual element. Try using simple bedding in the bedroom with colorful pillows, and bold-yet minimal-accessories.

    Dining Room
    When using modern furniture in the dining room, don't be afraid to use materials other than wood for your dining table and chairs. Since modern furniture places great emphasis on space, consider buying a smaller table with just enough chairs for the family.

    When incorporating modern furniture into the bathroom choose clean, natural materials and maintain uncluttered surfaces. Use items that are functional and don't take up a lot of space.

    Following some simple steps can make buying modern furniture a fun and creative experience. The clean, uncluttered feel of modern furniture brings elements of simplicity and sophistication that will always be classic.

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