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Kids Furniture Buying Tips

by Stacey Smith - February 2009
kids furniture

Buying kids furniture can be quite a daunting task when faced with all the choices of today. But it doesn't have to be. Making a few easy decisions and understanding the terminology will make the process of buying kid's furniture go much more smoothly.

Here are the different types of kid's furniture and their differences:

Childrens Desks
Nowadays computers or game systems are integrated into children's bedrooms. Using a bed Loft System would satisfy this need. But having a desk in combination with any other type of kid's bed would also work. When choosing this desk, be sure to choose something that will grow with a boy or girl, and kid friendly, IE: free of sharp edges or corners, very durable, sturdy and safe.

Childrens Beds
This is the most important part of kids bedroom furniture and choosing the bed is a good starting place for the planning. The most common choices are the Standard Twin Bed, Bunk Beds, the Daybed, a Loft System or a Theme Bed. The Standard Twin is just a regular twin bed, a common choice. Bunk Beds are a good choice if you are buying kids furniture for more than one child. Daybeds are another choice, most commonly for female children, with the added bonus of storage underneath depending on the type you purchase. Loft Systems are similar to Bunk Beds but whereas the bed is on top, underneath can be a built-in desk, dresser or even a double bed. And finally, Theme Beds are usually the size of a standard twin but focus on an object (A Car) or even a cartoon character (The Little Mermaid).

Kids Chairs
All kids furniture has one common theme: it is sized just for them. This seating can be used at a desk or in a small play area. A common choice is the Bean Bag Chair but smaller versions of a regular chair would work as well. It's also fun to integrate color into the room with a red, yellow, blue, green, purple or pink chair -- and the kids can even help decide if anadult is willing to trust their taste in design!

Toy Box or Storage Systems
When buying kids furniture, the storage is often overlooked. A kid's room is going to have toys, that's a fact. A Toy Box and Bench can serve double function as something to sit on and storage. A shelfing unit can provide storage as well for toys in a decorative manner.

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