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Kids Bedroom Furniture Buying Tips

by Erin Knight - February 2009
kids bedroom  furniture

Kids furniture comes in a variety of styles and sizes. There are differences between them, but your needs and situation will help you determine which is the right kids bedroom furniture for you.


Bunk beds are great space savers for kids bedrooms, especially if there are two or more sharing a room. The positioning of one bed above the other utilizes a room's vertical area, freeing up valuable floor space.

There are a number of bunk styles to choose from:

Standard Twin Bunks
Usually there are two twin beds stacked one above the other. Full size is available, so take this into consideration when selecting kids' furniture. For more years of use, a full size may be more viable for a growing child.

L - Shaped Bunk Beds
The beds are arranged to resemble the letter L, creating a niche. This allows room for a desk, television or dresser to occupy the empty space.

Bunk Beds That Separate
A versatile piece of children's furniture that allows for change. If the time comes when children no longer share a room, the beds can be separated into two individual beds.

Futon Bunk Beds
A functional piece of kids' furniture suitable for all kids' bedrooms. With a proper bed on top, and a futon that folds out to a bed or props up to be a couch, this is ideal for sleepovers or just lounging around.


Trundle beds are best described as a "hidden bed" underneath a regular one. Trundles are perfect for sleepovers and great space savers, because a hidden twin size bed mattress either pulls out from underneath the main bed like a drawer, or rises up to be the same height as the main bed. Also good for 2 kids with a small room, who are too young for bunk beds.


If space is at a premium, this piece of kids' furniture is the answer to your prayers. An elevated bed frame makes it possible to make use of the area underneath. The free space is an excellent place for dressers, desks, toy chests, or video game systems. A loft bed system also allows you to customize to suit your needs. Numerous separate pieces of kids' furniture can be added or removed as needed, such as desks, futons, slides and bookshelves.


An important piece of kids furniture is a desk, which provides some quiet, personal space to complete homework and other tasks. A few things need to be taken into consideration before you decide on a desk, such as do you need storage space, does the desk have to accommodate a computer or do you require a place to display items. This will help you choose between a computer desk, desk with drawers or one with a hutch. Once you have determined what type of desk you need, it's all a matter of personal taste.

Knowing what is available in kids bedroom furniture will help you plan for furnishing your children's bedrooms. Based on your needs and circumstances you can choose furniture that will be a perfect fit.

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