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Beds for Bedrooms - How to Buy the Right Style Bed

by Shannon Beineke - January 2009

When browsing different types of beds, the three most important factors to consider are comfort, quality, and style. The bed is the focal point of the entire room! Discomfort will make the owners lose sleep. Fortunately, with so many types of beds on the market, finding the ideal one isn't all that difficult.

* Platform beds are sleek and chic. They come without box springs, so they're set lower to the floor than most types of beds, making them ideal for smaller rooms. Platform beds are perfect for those who want an equal combination of simplicity and function.

* Canopy beds are more elaborate and luxurious-looking than other types of beds. They can be decorated with all sorts of fabric, hung for decoration or for privacy. Canopy beds are not always easy to assemble, but once put together, they have an immense wow-factor.

* Sleigh Beds have curves rolled outward on the headboard and footboard. Popular in the United States, these are typically crafted from wood, though there are metal versions available. Other types of beds just don't have the same classic look with "horse-drawn sleigh" appeal.

* Futons are best for versatility. A convenient couch / bed combo, futons can often be found in studios and dorm rooms. Their mattresses can uncomfortably thin, so shoppers should make sure to choose thick, cushiony ones. Sometimes, other types of beds simply won't fit with a couch!

* Daybeds are basically twin-size trundle beds. These come on wheels, without box springs, but with an extra bed stored under the main one. While they're not the most comfortable choice compared to other types of beds, trundles are great for guest rooms and child sleepovers.

* Loft beds are the best space-saving solution for kids' rooms. These are elevated a few feet off the ground, with desk space or a play area below. Other types of beds for children take can take up way too much space, especially when multiple kids are sharing one room.

* Toddler beds come with safety rails and plastic mattresses. More and more of these are getting made in the shape of racecars and Barbie-mobiles. Other types of beds aren't nearly as safe or fun for toddlers, nor as easy to climb on; toddler beds lie very low to the ground.

Whatever types of beds best complete their bedroom sets, shoppers need to make sure their choices will last over the long-term. Even more vital than learning the options is reading customer reviews. There's no better way to tell whether, out of all the types of beds out there, shoppers are choosing ones that will stay sturdy and comfortable throughout the years to come.

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