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Bar Stools and Tables Types and Features

by T.K. Pippin - February 2009
bar stools and bar tables

Bar tables and bar stools can turn any room into a fun, interesting gathering place. Whether you're fixing up that outdated restaurant or transforming your basement into a game room, deciding on the right bar sets to accessorize with is no easy feat. With so many different styles to choose from consider these helpful hints when planning to purchase bar furniture.

Setting: Is your setting a residence, commercial business, restaurant, or a patio or outdoor area? Maybe you like the Chicago blues style with a black finished wood and minimal but artsy accents for your pub tables and bar stools. Or perhaps you'd prefer distressed finished woods for that worn-in western saloon style. Also think about the amount of space you have to work with.

Style: Whatever your style there are plenty of bar tables and bar stools to choose from. Styles include Traditional, World Poker Tour, Modern, Retro, Contemporary, College Sports and Tropical, just to name a few.

Frame: Various types of bar table and bar stool frames include stainless steel, wood, wrought iron which is weather resistant for the outdoor patio, bamboo for a tropical theme, teak wood, recycled plastic for you greenies out there, and even shiny chrome for that Route 66, 50's malt shop feel.

Type: If you only need barstools then get the old tape measurer out to calculate whether you want a short height, counter height, bar height, extra tall, adjustable height, or custom height bar stools. Your seat heights usually come in between 18"-36" or adjustable. Likewise, when browsing bar tables think about the height and whether you want a round, rectangular or square-shaped table top - whatever best fits your space.

Features: There are numerous features to choose from such as swivels, arms, backs, finishes, folding, stacking, step stools, billiards, ladder back, nautical themes and assembly choices.

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