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Bar Stools and Tables Design

by Cori Plucer - March 2009

bar stools and bar tablesBar stools and tables come in so many different styles, shapes and sizes, that it takes some planning to find the perfect set for your needs.

Outdoor bar sets are available as individual bar tables and bar stools, or in groups of 3, 5, 7, and any combination therein. They come in these materials:
-> wicker/rattan sets
-> wrought iron sets
-> bamboo sets
-> recycled plastic bar sets

Indoor bar tables and bar stools are also available in varying heights and materials, and with endless options to customize the bar sets.

Bar Stool Heights
Bar tables should be approximately 12" higher than the seat of the bar stools, to allow for a comfortable amount of leg space. Bar stolls come in the following heights:
-> Counter height bar stools = 23-25"
-> Bar height bar stools = 29-31"
-> Extra tall bar stools = 32-35"

The materials available for indoor bar tables and bar stools include:
-> steel, aluminum & other metals
-> wood
-> rattan/wicker
-> aluminum
-> rod iron

Bar Stool Types
Besides the height and material make up of bar stool, you can also choose any combination of the following options:
-> seat (upholstered, leather, wood, padded and un-padded)
-> back (full or 1/2 back, upholstered, leather, decorative wood/metal, or no back)
-> arms (varrying heights, styles, materials, upholstered, or no arms)
-> swivel (full swivel, memory swivel or no swivel)

No matter which bar table and bar stools you choose, remember that there will always be additional equipment and supplies available to continually customize your bar set.

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